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We are a Charity dedicated to helping the people of Mityana in Uganda. This is one of the poorest countries in the world, and we want to make a difference to the lives of its people.

Annual Report

Please read our Our Annual report for 2018-19

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We are pleased to say that due to the help of our supporters we are going from strength to strength! Please explore our website and have a look at the work we are doing. Your support and comments would be very welcome.

How much of your donations go to the people of Uganda?

The Mityana Charity prides itself in that there are no paid officials in the UK running the Charity. All the administration in the UK is carried out by ordinary people donating hours of effort for no personal reward. 5% administration costs are taken from all donations to cover the costs of administering our charitable activities. The costs are mainly in Uganda where we employ staff to ensure that the charity is properly run; the only expenses in the UK are costs such as postage, bank transfers, printing and consumables.

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The Mityana Charity - Registered
The Mityana Charity - Registered charity no. 1064825