COVID19 appeal for donations to provide food for our families.

We have just received the email below from Geoffrey, PaCT's Executive Director in Mityana. We wonder if you might be able to provide £25 so we can help all our 300 families to eat at least one meal a day of maize porridge and beans for the next two weeks. As you will see from the email below, it looks as if COVID-19 is beginning to spread through their communities.

We know that we are struggling here, but we are lucky that we have food and a good health service which they unfortunately do not have in Uganda. Money can be donated by making a bank transfer to 40-47-09, 41515667 with reference "food aid" or sending a cheque to the Treasurer, Mityana Charity, 57 Trevelyan, Bracknell RG12 8YD. If you could possibly help it would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks, and keep safe, Jean, Jo & Jenny

Confirmed cases of Covid19 in Uganda as of 4th May stood at 97, with the country starting to get more worried and nervous because the ministry has started registering cases from within communities as opposed to previous cases that were found in returnees from outside the country. Already two police officers have been confirmed positive for COVID-19. This raised more nationwide panic and the government has decided to extend the lockdown and night curfew for another 14 days.

In addition, it is now mandatory for all people in Uganda to wear masks. It appears highly likely that the lockdown will be extended for many more weeks even after the 14 days have ended. These lockdowns are necessary measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 and they have proved successful in many other countries. However, they have presented economic interruptions which are unprecedented in many ways and require state and other partners to support vulnerable households economically and medically.

As a result of the lockdowns, the economy has begun experiencing a downward trend, with a hike in prices of food and non-food items, loss of employment and closure of many companies. Small businesses run by low-income earners cannot operate (e.g. salon operators, boda-boda riders, market vendors and taxi drivers) so they have had no income for about two months. It is the same for the families of our sponsored children in Mityana. Many of them are single mothers and elderly grandmothers. With all schools now closed, all children are at home full time thereby increasing the challenges of providing household basic necessities and food.

In fact, those that were previously affording only a single meal a day, are now struggling to find anything to eat at all. The situation is made worse by the increasing food prices, with maize flour costing £0.60/kg and beans £1/kg. This is coupled with the problem of there being no income at the moment.

Many families have started contacting our team in Uganda asking for support to buy maize flour and beans to enable their families to survive. We are now appealing to all our supporters to please join our campaign to raise funds to buy at least 6,120kgs of maize flour and 3,200kgs of beans to benefit over 300 households as they get through this very difficult times. Indeed, if we do not respond to the cry of God’s people, they may face many more health challenges as a result of COVID-19. Let us together scale up the fight against COVID-19 by supporting the livelihood of the people in most need.


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