COVID19 appeal for donations to provide food for our families.

We have just received an email from Geoffrey, PaCT's Executive Director in Mityana. We wonder if you might be able to provide £25 so we can help all our 300 families to eat at least one meal a day of maize porridge and beans for the next two weeks. As you will see from the email below, it looks as if COVID-19 is beginning to spread through their communities.

We know that we are struggling here, but we are lucky that we have food and a good health service which they unfortunately do not have in Uganda. Money can be donated by making a bank transfer to 40-47-09, 41515667 with reference "food aid" or sending a cheque to the Treasurer, Mityana Charity, 57 Trevelyan, Bracknell RG12 8YD. If you could possibly help it would be greatly appreciated. MORE>

The story of my life by Namujjuzi Harriet.

I am Namujjuzi Harriet, born to Mr. Mayanja Jackson and Mrs. Ephrance Mayanja of Kyaziza Kabuwambo Municipality in Mityana District. I come from a family of five children and I was the last born. My brothers and sisters did not go very far with their education due to our parents' inability to raise all the school fees needed for them. MORE>


With support from Blood Water we recently made this documentary to promote our water projects

Some Sponsored Children's tales

Charles - Shattered dream redeemed by PaCT

My childhood dream was to become a medical practitioner, but I had lost hope of achieving that after I completed A-level with 20 points in 2007 due to lack of university tuition.

I came from a polygamous family with ten siblings. My father, a taxi driver, had done his best to support me up to O-level before he lost his job. My mother, a bar attendant in the suburbs of Mityana, then had to take care of my fees together with my other 4 siblings. I had no choice but to let my young siblings benefit from the hard- earned resources available my mother.I resorted to doing manual work at construction sites.

I had a friend, Lubwama Peter, who had a sponsor from PaCT. One evening he asked me to go with him to Enro Hotel meet her. That visit was the turning point of my life. His Sponsor Ann Potts Rosemary (RIP) was with her friend Maggie Samea, who was impressed by my A-level results and offered to pay for my University tuition. It was a miracle - even now I still ask myself how it happened. I always pray for Maggie and her generous heart has benefited not only me but my entire family.

In 2008 I was admitted for degree in Pharmacy at Mbarara University of Science and Technology and I graduated in 2012. I then worked as a Pharmacist at R&T Pharmacy in Palisa, Kwikiriza Pharmacy in Iganga and Kampala Medical Chambers Hospital before my sponsor Maggie connected me to Supreme Care Pharmacy in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates where I have been working since 2017. MORE>

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We are a Charity dedicated to helping the people of Mityana in Uganda. This is one of the poorest countries in the world, and we want to make a difference to the lives of its people.

Annual Report

Please read our Our Annual Report for 2019-20

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We are pleased to say that due to the help of our supporters we are going from strength to strength! Please explore our website and have a look at the work we are doing. Your support and comments would be very welcome.

How much of your donations go to the people of Uganda?

The Mityana Charity prides itself in that there are no paid officials in the UK running the Charity. All the administration in the UK is carried out by ordinary people donating hours of effort for no personal reward. 5% administration costs are taken from all donations to cover the costs of administering our charitable activities. The costs are mainly in Uganda where we employ staff to ensure that the charity is properly run; the only expenses in the UK are costs such as postage, bank transfers, printing and consumables.

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What's it Like to Sponsor a Child?


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