In addition to providing boreholes and water tanks to collect clean drinking water, Mityana Charity provides latrines at schools and health clinics in rural areas where there is no waterborne sewage. In past years we have provided latrines only at Nabukenya Primary School and Kasoolo Secondary School.

Recently we have started building girl-friendly latrines with a wall and washroom. This allows the girls to take care of private issues and encourages them to regularly attend school. In addition we are starting to establish school hygiene health clubs.

New latrines at Kalangaala Secondary School

During 2016 four-door latrines were constructed in the following locations:

Kiteredde Health Centre (see picture above)

Buyaga Primary School Mpirigwa Primary School

Kasoolo Secondary School (Additional latrines for the girls, and these were sponsored by Sevenhills Wholefoods)

Namungo Health Centre

During 2017 four door latrines have so far been constructed at the following locations:

Patience Primary School

Kalangaalo Secondary School

Two more are currently under construction

New latrines at Patience Primary School

Latrines at Kiteredde Health Centre

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